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Hi and thank you so much for visiting our site! My name is Julie Rachlin and I created out of a love for animals, a passion for photography, and a strong desire to use my creative skills to do something for the greater good.

the rat race

For the past 25 years, I raised a wonderful son and worked in corporate America, where I had to travel signifcantly. So I never allowed myself to have a dog because it wouldn't be fair to always be on the go. Fortunately for me, my family has always had dogs so I could see them whenever I wanted to.

and then life happens

After a lifetime of work habits, everything changed in the last two years. In 2009, my son gave me an 11-month old English bulldog named Peaches. She is the light of my life! And yes, that is me and Peaches in the footer of my site.

The following year, I got married and even if he only married me because he loved Peaches, I don't care. We are happy! A month later, we moved our primary residence from NYC to the Chicago suburbs, where I grew up and where my family (and all their dogs) live.

a dream come true

And now, thanks to my wonderful husband, I am finally able to be a good "dog mom" by working from home with Peaches never far away. Working has never been more fun. I get to pursue my passions for animals, fundraising, and photography. I wouldn't even call it "work". It's more like a dream come true.

thank you

Thank you so much for reading and happy petzooming!

I hope you'll join the community and share your passion for animals with us.

- Julie R










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