the online store featuring YOUR pet!

calling YOUR pets! calling YOUR pets! is an online store that features YOUR pets on custom designed note cards, jackets, pet bowls, calendars, tote bags, sweatshirts, posters, framed prints and more!

We donate 20% of all sales margins to animal charities.


Our mission is to create an online community that can raise money for animal charities simply by sharing the love we have for our pets.


Send us YOUR pet photo and we'll do the rest - professional photo editing, product designs, and an exclusive section for YOUR pet in the store.

And it's FREE!

Why? Because we love animals, we love our work, and it is our mission to raise money for animal charities.

We couldn't make it any easier.

Join the community today!









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how does it work?

Submit a photo of your pet, we'll do the product designs, and when YOUR pet's products sell in the store, we will donate 20% of the proceeds to animal charities. Join today! You can join on Facebook! Click below.